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Top Five Fuels for your Heaters, Cookers and Boilers

Top Five Fuels for your Heaters, Cookers and Boilers

Posted on 15 Aug 2019 By Coal Hut

Unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer as different types of coal are made to give different burning properties. However, here at Coal Hut, we have narrowed down our top five fuels for your stove or heating appliances

Homefire Smokeless Fuel 

This type of fuel is ideal for open fires, stoves and your heaters, cookers and boilers. Homefire smokeless is popular in many UK households due to its excellent properties that not only benefit you, but also the environment. 

This type of coal is manufactured in forms of ovoids, also referred to as oval pieces from anthracite dust. By having this shape, it allows you to pack the coal pieces together tightly into your stove and not only producing the properties mentioned above, but also an engaging flame with a high heat output and a low residual of ash. 

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Phurnacite Smokeless Fuel

Due to the size of the phurnacite ovoids, their fire life could be deemed as quite short in open fires, however, when used in the right conditions, such as cookers or room heaters; the phurnacite fuel can last over 18 hours.

Phurnacite fuel produces low amounts of ash and consistent and controllable heat. It is made from compressed anthracite dust, and just like homefire fuel, it is formed into oval shapes called ovoids. 

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Anthractie Fuel

Anthracite is the purest form of coal, consisting of 92% - 985 carbon. It has the highest energy density of any coal (with the exception of graphite). Due to its high carbon content, it means that it doesn’t produce hydrocarbon vapours or tarry and produces a smokeless flame. Here, at Coal Hut we sell a wide range of anthracite fuel which can all be burned in smoke control areas. The products below are ones we recommend for your heater, cooker and boiler.

Anthractie Nuts

Large Anthracite Aga Nuts

Large Anthracite Nuts are medium-large sized pieces of Welsh anthracite which is suitable in smoked control areas. 

It burns with a low flame that consists of long burn time and high heat output. The ash residual is low which means less cleanup!

It is natural burning coal which is recommended for your stove, cooker and boiler. 

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Small Anthracite Esse Nuts

This type of fuel is almost identical to the large aga nuts: the only difference is that this product contains Esse Nuts which are small-medium in size. 

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Burnglo Anthracite Smokeless Fuel

Burnglo Anthracite fuel is a great value for money, standard quality coal which is ideal for your closed appliances. It is natural clean-burning coal which has a good heat output and fire life with a medium ash content residual. 

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Glovoids - Ovals

Glovoids - Ovals are manufactured ovoids which are a good alternative to our Small Esse Nuts. They have a good heat output and a good fire life that produces small amounts of ash residual.

They are in their prime when they are used in closed appliances such as heaters, cookers and boilers. 

Glovoids- Ovals are also suitable, but not limited to smoke controlled areas.  

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