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Five Star Coal Trebles

Open Fires



Heat Output
Fire Life
Ash Content Low
40 Bags
From £299.99
£329.99 Save £30.00
£7.50 PER BAG
20 Bags
From £188.99
£198.99 Save £10.00
£9.45 PER BAG
10 Bags
From £128.99
£12.90 PER BAG

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About Five Star Coal Trebles

Premier grade coals such as our Five Star Coal Trebles are selected for their high heat output. They have a long burn time and low fluffy residual ash content.

Five Star Coal is a quality coal that is favoured by traditionalists. It's suitable for use in both open fires and multi-fuel stoves. However, please note that bituminous coal should not be burnt in smoke control areas.

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