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What's so Great About Kiln Dried Logs?

What's so Great About Kiln Dried Logs?

Posted on 4 Feb 2019 By Coal Hut

For must of us, our open fire or multi-fuel stove is the pride and joy of our household. They are a central piece to any living space and no other appliances do such a good job of gathering friends and family together. With that in mind, we must carefully consider the value of the fuel that we use. Therefore, in this post, we’re going to run through a list of benefits for one of the most common fuels for open fires and stoves: Kiln Dried Logs.

Before we discuss the benefits of using kiln dried logs in open fires, multi-fuel or wood burning stoves, let’s first take a look at the offerings on sale at

Coal Hut Kiln Dried Logs

Our Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs are pre-split into convenient lengths. Perfect for open fires and wood burning stoves, they have been heated in purpose-built kilns to a moisture content of below 20%. They are easy to light, have a warm and inviting flame plus they take the hassle out of the seasoning your own wood! Available in a variety of quantities, including 54 bags and 108 bags - we’re sure to have just what you’re looking for.

The Benefits of Kiln Dried Logs

Listed below are just some of the ways in which kiln dried logs outperform traditional firewood. Have a read through and be sure to order your very own bag of kiln dried hardwood logs, today!

Ready to burn

In another blog, we detailed the painstaking process of seasoning your own wood. Although doable, many of us would prefer to use a fuel that is ready to go at all times of the year. Due to the fact that our kiln dried logs have a moisture content of below 20%, they can be burned immediately and without hassle.

Easy to light

Burning ‘green’ firewood with a moisture content of 60% or above can be an arduous task. The water in the wood gathered from the elements can significantly hinder the lighting process. Kiln dried firewood, on the other hand, lights effortlessly in a short space of time - perfect for when you want to heat your home quickly!

Cleaner flame

Traditional firewood is often affected by mould and other harmful pathogens that cause the excretion harmful fumes when the wood is burned. The high temperatures during the process of kiln drying, however, kill these harmful pathogens and result in a much cleaner flame. What’s more, kiln dried wood produces minimal smoke when lit, reducing the likelihood of issues arising from excess smoke in the flute or chimney of your stove or open fire.

Sustained fire life

Traditional firewood requires constant tending to achieve an extended burn time. In contrast, kiln dried logs contribute to a sustained fire life and as such, do not require much assistance. Many of our customers love the fact that they can place a kiln dried log in their fireplace or multi-fuel stove before they go to bed, safe in the knowledge that there will still be a toasty, warm glow for the chilly morning ahead.

High heat output

Ultimately, the goal for any fuel for open fires and multi-fuel stoves is to produce the highest heat output possible. As a result of the minimal moisture content, kiln dried logs produce significantly higher temperatures than traditional firewood. If you want the homeliness that a roaring, wood burning fire brings coupled with a warm and inviting flame, kiln dried logs are the perfect choice for you.

To view the rest of our firewood products, click here. Maybe you would prefer to browse through our traditional coal and smokeless fuel offerings. And that’s ok, too! Whatever you do, make sure to order one of our high-quality fuels at, today!