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Other Uses For Wood Pellets

Other Uses For Wood Pellets

Posted on 18 Apr 2018 By Coal Hut

Wood pellets have many different uses other than being used to light a fire. They’re made of compressed sawdust with no glue whatsoever, making them perfect to use as a useful fuel source. However, their versatility makes them ideal for use in different applications in the house and outdoors too. Today we’re going to have a look at some alternative methods for wood pellets:

Using Wood Pellets for Horse Stall Bedding

We all like somewhere comfortable to sleep, and horses are no different. Wood pellets are very absorbent since wood is a porous material, which means it can be used to absorb things like moisture and urine to help clean and maintain a horse stall.

Many horse owners prefer to use this type of bedding because wood pellets are not only excellent at absorbing moisture, but they can also help to reduce foul odours in stables and horse stalls.

If you want to use wood pellets as bedding for your horses, just spread some onto the clean floor. It’s better to use softwood pellets as they’re more comfortable and can create more of a soft and fluffy bedding for the animal.

Kitty Litter and Wood Pellets

It may be an unlikely pair, but wood pellets work remarkably well as kitty litter. If you own a cat, you know that their litter box can get rather…smelly. Although the odour is an expected feature of any kitty litter, there are ways to hide the scent and make it less noticeable, which is great when you’ve got guests over at the house!

Wood pellets are 100% natural, so you don’t need to worry about the effects it could have on the environment. The kiln-dried wood fibres can absorb the odour and moisture, turning the pellets into sawdust, which is nice and soft under your pet’s paws.

Wood Pellets in the Garden

Keep on top of your gardening with a little help from wooden pellets. Wood pellet ash can be used to help reduce the acid levels of the soil and add more natural nutrients into the ground. You can add some of the ash around plants to help keep things like snails and hungry slugs from getting to your beautiful plants.

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