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What is Smokeless Fuel?

What is Smokeless Fuel?

Posted on 20 Mar 2018 By Coal Hut

The Clean Air Act and Smokeless Fuel

The Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968 were introduced to help deal with high levels of smog caused by burning everyday house coal. This meant that many people living in Smoke Control Zones were unable to burn a traditional fire in their home. If smoke emits from your chimney from either a fixed boiler or furnace etc., it’s considered an offence.

Most towns and cities in the UK are regarded as Smoke Control Areas, which means they’re only allowed to burn smokeless fuels such as Anthracite Grains Smokeless Fuel and Glovoids Smokeless Coal. Even if you don’t live in a Smoke Control Area, transitioning to smokeless coal is a great way to help protect the environment. On average, smokeless coal emits 80% less smoke and 25% less carbon dioxide than regular house coal.

What Qualifies as Smokeless Fuel?

Smokeless fuels undergo a series of rigorous testing before they’re qualified to pass as smokeless fuels. The tests are to make sure the fuel meets the required standards and to ensure they burn without creating excess smoke. In addition to producing no smoke, this type of fuel often outperforms traditional solid fuels. They even last 40% longer than normal house coal, which means they’re a more cost-effective fuel source since you won’t need to spend as much on fuel.

Smokeless Fuels at Coal Hut

Here at Coal Hut, you’ll find a great variety of high-quality smokeless fuels. They’re ideal for both open fires and closed appliances such as stoves. A great example of smokeless fuel is Anthracite. With its high carbon content, burning this coal won’t cause as much damage to the environment because it contains less volatile materials than traditional house coal. This means that there is no thick smoke produced and it’s suitable for use in smoke control areas.

Many smokeless fuels produce a long burn time with a very low compact ash residual, minimising clean-up time while saving you money on your heating costs. You’ll find a range of smokeless fuels on our website, including Small Esse Nuts, Burnglo Anthracite Smokeless Fuel and Large Aga Nuts etc.  

Our smokeless fuels are suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas. So, if you want a smokeless fuel that burns with maximum efficiency and a high heat output without the thick smoke, look no further than our smokeless fuel collection here at