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What is Lignite?

What is Lignite?

Posted on 17 Jul 2019 By Coal Hut

What is Coal?

Coal is mainly made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur and many other minerals. However, if you want to change the qualities of coal (for example; carbon, heat and moisture content) there are four different types of coal from which you can choose from. 

The table below describes the differences between peat (the first stage of coal), lignite, bituminous and anthracite (it’s final stage).




Moisture content

Carbon content





Earthy with plant material  









Less earthy than above 






60 - 90 %

A large amount of smoke 



Shiny metallic 




What is Lignite?

When enormous amounts of pressure and temperatures are applied to peat, it is ‘cooked’ into lignite. This type of coal is brownish in colour and contains a large moisture content. When lignite is burned, it realises a higher amount of CO2 emissions per unit of energy produced due to its moisture content. When the water is removed to make the coal more efficient, it will crumble and lose its value altogether. 

 Even though lignite does have a higher heat content than peat, it still isn’t generally considered the ‘go to’ coal. Despite this, lignite still makes up a large number of our known coal reserves as it has several benefits to it. 


What can Lignite be used for? 

Lignite is primarily used in power plants due to its low energy value. This is because if lignite is transported over a significant distance it’s less economical in comparison to the other types of coal. So where lignite is mined, it will be transported to local industries nearby. 

However, lignite has a very low cost in production so it does go out further than these power plants. 

According to Lignite Energy Council, 79% of lignite is used to produce electricity, and 13% is used to generate synthetic natural gas and 7% is used to create fertilizer products (such as anhydrous ammonia and ammonium sulfate). According to Lignite Council, only 1% of lignite used is for home heating and oil well drilling mud. 


Why should I use Lignite?

Lignite is considered to be a really reliable source of energy and the fact this coal is abundant and easily accessible makes it easy for you to purchase it. 

Lignite is also; 

  • Environmentally compatible 

  • Low in cost


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