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Chim Chiminea – The best fuel to use…

Chim Chiminea – The best fuel to use…

Posted on 1 Apr 2021 By Coal Hut

I don't know about you but when I see the word 'chiminea' all I want to do is break into the well-known song from 'Mary Poppins' as opposed to think about the Spanish garden heat providers. This time of year sees the firebug smile with glee as they think about lighting up the BBQ alongside that other essential garden toy - the firepit, fireplace or chiminea.

It seems a shame to have worked so hard in the garden making it a pleasant environment with which to entertain only for to have it cut short by the chill of an evening breeze. Most of us might grab an extra layer, head indoors or just endure the cold and the midge bites for as long as we can suffer. However, there are wiser and more fun centred ways to handle the issue.

The Chiminea and the garden fire pit provide the ideal solution. Not only with the right fuel such as our kiln-dried hardwood or our heat logs do they provide almost instant heat but they will also chase away that most annoying anti-social irritant known as the midge.  

You will want to avoid unnecessary smoke and that incredibly frustrating and even embarrassing problem when the fire won't light. Reputations have been lost and avalanches of banter have been released by such hiccups. That is why we are confidently recommending our Kiln-dried hardwood which has 80% of its moisture removed as the ideal fuel to use, it is both efficient and clean. Similarly, our firelogs are a great friend of the garden fire too providing nearly instant ignition and a very natural heat, flame and glow.

So with all of this in place, all that is left to do is to sit back and enjoy the garden in full bloom with its evening fragrances, the rich conversation and food and of course the company of a good fire. The company of which can be rarely beaten! You may even want to sneak one last toasted marshmallow fresh from the chiminea as you tidy up.

One final thought… these occasions are often at their best when unplanned and spontaneous. However to ensure that that’s an option some forethought is required. Why not order yourself up a wee supply of fuel which let’s face it if not used on the garden heater over the will most definitely come in useful in the autumn and winter.