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How to Stay Warm This Winter

How to Stay Warm This Winter

Posted on 27 Dec 2017 By Coal Hut

Staying warm in winter is important for everyone in the household. With cooler temperatures and a higher chance of snowfall, it’s necessary to be as prepared as possible. While turning on the central heating is an easy way to warm up the home, it can also be quite expensive. Before you know it, you have a huge heating bill and you’ve used a lot more energy than you expected. The following heating tips will not only help you stay warm over the winter, but they’ll also help you to cut your energy bills.

Wear warm layers
The easiest way to stay warm when it’s cold outside is to wrap yourself up in layers. Throw a jumper on over your shirt or search through your wardrobe for a cosy nightgown. When you’re just relaxing at home with loved ones, take a blanket and put it over yourself as you read or watch your favourite Christmas movies by the fire.

Light the Fire
One of the best and most affordable ways to heat your home this winter is with a blazing fire. Make sure to stock up on coal and keep the flames alive with high-quality and cost-effective coal from Coal Hut, the leading coal suppliers in the UK. Once you have the fire lit, it won’t be long before the whole family are together getting warmed by the fire.

Home Insulation
A massive 25% of your home’s heat goes straight through the roof. This means you’re losing more energy and you’ll end up spending more to heat your home. You can solve this problem by investing in proper roof insulation that will help keep the heat inside your home where it’s needed most.

Heat Pads and Hot Water Bottles
Microwaveable heat pads and traditional hot water bottles are perfect for warming yourself up in winter. If you don’t want to waste water, the heat pads are perfect as you can bring them to bed with you to keep you warm and cosy under the covers.

Keep Out Drafts
When the sun goes down, it’s time to close your curtains to help preserve heat and energy and stop it from escaping out the window. Drawing your curtains and keeping your doors closed will also help to block out draughts.

Anyone can become vulnerable to the cold weather over winter, so make sure to protect yourself and your family from the cold with coal and other fuel supplies from