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The great thing about smokeless coal. (And it’s not just our prices)

The great thing about smokeless coal. (And it’s not just our prices)

Posted on 31 Jan 2017 By Coal Hut

Our guide to smokeless coal

Smokeless coal gives out more heat
Smokeless coal produces more heat than ordinary household coal and lasts up to 40% longer. That means you use less smokeless coal when heating your house. It might cost a little more per bag, but because it gives out more heat from less coal, the overall price works out around the same. And you’ll find great offers and deals every week on our website so visit and save even more!

Smokeless coal is more environmentally friendly
We all do our bit for the environment, but smokeless coal was originally produced as far back as the 1940s to reduce air pollution. Today, smokeless coal produces 80% less smoke than normal house coal and it’s the only solid fuel that can be used in smokeless zones. The latest smokeless coals even include a renewable element and produce up to 40% less carbon monoxide than house coal. That’s great news for the environment!

Smokeless coal has many uses
Smokeless coal can be used not just in fires, but for a wide range of purposes. Homefire coal can be used in open fires but is also ideal for glass fronted stoves due to the amount of heat it emits. For solid fuel cookers, room heaters and boilers, Phurnacite is an ideal choice. Phurnacite burns intensely for hours and both it and Homefire are currently on offer on our website.

Right now we have even better prices on smokeless coal
We always keep our coal prices low, but we’re currently offering even better prices on both Phurnacite and Homefire smokeless coals. With £30 off 20 bags and £60 off 40 bags, you can heat your house cleanly and efficiently for even less.

Order online from Coal Hut and you’ll find that buying coal online isn’t just quick and simple, it will probably cost less than you think, especially if you buy in bulk with one of our special offers. Our website shows the full range of coal and other products we supply. We offer excellent prices and free delivery, along with great special offers. To order or find out more, simply visit or contact us today!