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Smokeless Coal FAQs

Smokeless Coal FAQs

Posted on 8 Nov 2019 By Coal Hut


Here at, we have received a number of questions from our customers about smokeless coal. To help out our customers, we have put together a Smokeless Coal FAQs of all the queries that we have received:


       1. What is a smoke control zone and do I live in one? 

Some control zones is a legally defined area in which only approved fuels or exempted appliances (Defra exempt stoves) can be used within a building.

These zones have been put in place to help reduce air pollution and reduce the harmful health effects that are caused by inhaling smoke (e.g. asthma and other breathing problems). 

If you are unsure whether or not you live in a smoke control area, your local council will be able to tell you. 


       2. What fuel can I burn in a smoke controlled zone? 

The answer to this question will depend on the appliance that you use. 

Open Fires:

You are only allowed to burn smokeless coal or anthracite on open fires. It is a criminal offence if you burn any other fuels such as wood logs/ products or normal house coal. That being said, you are still allowed to start the fire with small wood kindling.

Multi-Fuel Stoves:

Any type of stove that is in a smoke control area must be Defra Exempt (exempted appliance. 

The fuel that you use in your multi-fuel stove must be smokeless coal / authorised wood products with a low moisture content. 


        3Why should I burn smokeless coal?

Even if you don’t live in a smoke controlled zone, you should be burning smokeless coal to help reduce the harmful substances in the air which is produced by traditional coal. 

When you burn smokeless coal it will release a lot less harmful emissions compared to normal coal: in fact, smokeless coal will release 20% less carbon dioxide. 

Not only does smokeless coal do wonders for the environment but it also is more efficient than traditional coal. Smokeless coal can burn up to 40% longer and emit up to a third more heat compared to traditional coal. This means, when you buy premium smokeless coal from your fire will keep you warmer for longer.

This has a domino effect and means you will need to refuel your stove less and restock your coal less often. 

If you order online with we can guarantee that you will experience all the same benefits of a traditional fire when you use our smokeless coal


       4. Do I need to clean my chimney when I use smokeless coal

Yes, if you burn smokeless coal, you will still need to have your chimney swept.


        5. Does smokeless coal produce soot?

Yes, even though smokeless coal produces a lot less smoke (ranging as high as 80%), compared to traditional coal, it will still produce soot. 

The fact that smokeless coal produces less soot than traditional coal, means that you will need to clean and empty your appliance less, and it will work more effectively. 


       6. What are smokeless ovoids?

Smokeless ovoids/ ovals are lumps of manufactured smokeless coal. They usually consist of anthracite (hard coal), which is the highest-ranking coal. Due to its ranking, it means that it has the greatest heat energy compared to softer coals. 

Here at we have a wide range of premium smokeless ovoids for you to choose from. 

Other than our Star Buy, Glolite Smokeless Fuel, our Glovoids - Ovals are a great alternative. This smokeless fuel has a high heat output and a long burn time, but to achieve the best results when using Glovoids - Ovals, it should be placed in closed appliances. 


        7. What is the best smokeless coal?

At our Glolite Smokeless Fuel 25kg would be our star buy. 

Glolite’s are manufactured smokeless ovoids: achieving the highest in our heat output, fire life and ash content, these smokeless ovals are not only value for money but also easy to light, but also provide a sustained and controlled hear that burns to a fine residual ash (making clean up easy!). 


       8. What is the best smokeless coal for a multi-fuel stove?

Coal Hut’s Homefire is a premium smokeless coal that lets you experience all the benefits of a traditional coal fire. 

It achieved full marks in our heat output and fire life scale, meaning you can enjoy a warm fire for the entire evening. Our Homefire Smokeless Coal also has a low ash content, meaning clean up is easy and simple!


        9. What is the best smokeless coal for open fires? 

Here at, we recommend, again our Glolite Smokeless Fuel. With an outstanding heat output and fire life, you can relax, knowing that your fire is going to be beaming with heat for the entire night. 

Not only are Coal Hut’s Glolites efficient, but they are also easy to light and sustain. 


        10. Where can I buy premium smokeless coal?

Here at Coal Hut, we only offer the best of the best to our customers. 

We provide a wide range of smokeless coal ranging from Anthracite beans to Esse Nuts and Phurnacites!

Not only do we provide high-quality smokeless coal to our customers, but we also deliver straight to their doorstep within 5 DAYS!


If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to >contact us< our visit our FAQs page to find out more.