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Phurnacite For Multi-Fuel Stoves

Phurnacite For Multi-Fuel Stoves

Posted on 9 Oct 2017 By Coal Hut

Multi-fuel stoves burn coal, wood and smokeless fuel. Smokeless fuels such as Phurnacite is perfect for multi-fuel stoves because they don’t produce any visible smoke when burned. This form of coal is found and developed from anthracite, which is a hard and compact type of coal known for its high carbon content.

Achieve a smokeless burn
Phurnacite smokeless coal achieves a clean burn and reduces smoke emissions. It doesn’t give out a thick, unpleasant smoke when it’s burned. This means you don’t have to worry about the effects of smoke on your home or your health. A smokeless burn also makes this fuel ideal for use in smoke control areas.

A versatile fuel
Smokeless fuels have fewer impurities than other varieties of coal. They also have a higher energy density and are incredibly versatile, working perfectly with a range of different appliances such as room heaters, cookers, and multi-fuel stoves.

Environmentally friendly
Everyone enjoys the warm heat from a fire. It warms a room and creates a welcoming and cosy atmosphere on a cold, chilly night. However, one of the main concerns with burning regular fuels such as wood and coal is the smoke output that can cause harm to the environment. As a smokeless fuel, Phurnacite complies with the 1956 Clean Air Act because it gives out fewer emissions and over 20% less carbon dioxide than normal house coal.

Efficient and cost-effective
Phurnacite provides optimum heat output and delivers a long-lasting heat that’s both consistent and controllable. It burns for a long time with a very low compact residual ash due to its high carbon content. This saves you time as you won’t have to clean the grate as often as you would for other types of fuel. It’s efficiency and ability to produce a hotter burn for longer means you’ll save money as you’ll need to purchase less fuel for your stove.

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