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Best Coal for A Multi-Fuel Stoves? See Our Coal Guide.

Best Coal for A Multi-Fuel Stoves? See Our Coal Guide.

Posted on 20 Feb 2018 By Coal Hut

A Multi-fuel stove is capable of burning a range of different fuels, which makes it one of the most diverse heating appliances on today’s market. Many household coals aren’t suitable for stoves, which is why you need to choose your coal carefully.

Whether you’re looking for smokeless fuels for use in Smoke Control Areas or you need coal that has the best heat output possible, you’ll find a great range of coal for multi-fuel stoves right here on

Best Heat Output

Colombian Group 2 is the premium brand of house coal. Mined in Colombia, this coal comes in large pieces that burn with a high flame with concentrated heat. You can sit by the fire for hours and enjoy the brilliant heat radiating from the flames. However, it should be noted that this isn’t a smokeless fuel and isn’t suitable for burning in smoke control areas.

Homefire Smokeless Fuel is ideal for those of you looking for coal with a high heat output and no smoke. It’s perfect for multi-fuel stoves and offers the warmth and quality of a traditional fire with none of the hassle.

Glolite Smokeless Fuel is a cost-effective choice as it’s affordable and provides a sustained and controllable heat. It’s great option for multi-fuel stove owners looking for a smokeless fuel with a good heat output.

Coal with a long Fire Life

Singles are ideal when you want to control the size of the coal being used, which usually ranges from 14mm and 22mm. If you have a smaller multi-fuel stove, singles are a great choice of coal for a fire with a long lifespan.

With a sustained fire life and affordable price, Surelite coal is excellent for multi-fuel stoves. The compact nature of the fuel means it’s easy to use and will sit neatly in the grate. The fire has a long-lasting lifespan for the most heat and efficiency.

Large Aga Nuts is a type of Welsh anthracite that produces a low flame, high heat output and a long burn time. It offers a clean burn, which makes it great for use in smoke control areas.

Coal with Low Ash Content

Gloviods Smokeless Fuel doesn’t produce much ash in its wake, making clean-up time a piece of cake. It’s a manufactured smokeless fuel with high heat output and a very long burn time.

Five Star Coal is suitable for multi-fuel stoves and leaves a low, fluffy residual ash content. It’s the perfect coal for those of you seeking a traditional fire that heats the room quickly and efficiently.

Burnglo Anthracite Smokeless Fuel is great value for money with a good burn time and compact residual ash. It’s a natural clean burning coal, making it ideal for multi-fuel stoves and other appliances such as cookers, boilers and room heaters.

Why Choose CoalHut?

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