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The ingredient list for the best BBQs…

The ingredient list for the best BBQs…

Posted on 9 Jul 2018 By Coal Hut

List lovers love discovering things that make life just that little bit richer or simpler and recording it somewhere for future reference.  We, at Coal Hut, thought we would share this list with you just to help ensure that your next BBQ isn't an average one but is indeed one of the best.

Things to remember;

1. Position the BBQ in a safe place, away from fire hazards. Take note of the way the wind is blowing and the path the smoke will journey along.

2. Make sure you are using the correct fuel for the BBQ you plan to use.  Avoid using coal or logs on a BBQ designed for charcoal and never use petrol to start any fire whether it be a BBQ or Chiminea.

3. Have fun experimenting with your menu, enjoy giving it a little thought flavoured with a pinch of courage. Treat yourself to something unusual and fun. Why not google 'BBQ' and experiment with a few wee culinary treats alongside the old usual favourites.

4. NEVER forget the sauces, these can be a real deal breaker! From ketchup to American mustard we all have our favourites and it's never quite the same without them.

5. Make sure to remember to hand a burger over the fence to the neighbour.  Apart from making you a fantastic neighbour, you may also get one back the next time they barbecue.

6. Have a few games at hand, maybe a deck of cards, a game of 'Twister' or 'Pictionary' something to get the social juices flowing as well as the flavours.

Things to forget;

1. Unfrozen meat, we have all been there.  The freezer is full and your belly is empty.  Don't even go there, avoid the temptation to cook meat before it's ready.

2. Loud & late music... It's good in the moment but in the morning when your neighbours won't speak to you nor won't help you with that favour you were looking, you will wish you hadn't.

3. Dodgy dancing, it's all fun and games now but in the morning when you awaken with more pulled muscles than a steamroller could straighten, you will regret it!

4. Beachwear, it may be fun but when you are cooking and the BBQ spits something hot enough to have come from hell itself, let's just say you won't be surfing a wave of joy!

5. Forget abandoning the BBQ at the end of the night, always ensure it has cooled down completely and that nothing could ignite or re-ignite from it.

That's it, that's our list. What would you add to it?  As our final tip, we should suggest always replenishing the fuel stash. One of the things that make a BBQ great is spontaneity and that ironically is helped by being organised. Why not grab some of our Kiln dried logs or heat logs perfect for the garden fire for post BBQ cosiness and ideal for the autumn when the temperature dips.