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With Coal We Give You 5 Freebies…

With Coal We Give You 5 Freebies…

Posted on 16 Mar 2018 By Coal Hut

Coal is one of the necessities of life but unlike tax or the grocery bill, coal comes with 5 benefits at no additional cost, indeed they are free. These five things become like cherished buddies that when absent in the blues and greens of summer you will miss. As they return with the reds and oranges of autumn you will welcome them back like long last friends

Outdoor Smell
The friendly smell of a burning fire is a thing to savour and enjoy as it invites you into the home. As the aroma of freshly lit coal descends on the garden and surrounding suburbia you know that there is someone at home and that there is heat galore in the house. This can only be but a welcome as you return from a cold office or from that chilly jog or walk with the dog.

Smoke That Invites You into the House
This being said, glowing coal doesn’t just stimulate the sense of smell but also sets of the visual senses. As you watch the smoke travel from your chimney you will see all sorts of mysterious shapes and swirls that have close to a hypnotic effect. It’s a seductive invite to come in, put your feet up and enjoy the warmth and sanctuary of home.

The Relaxing Noise
Life is full of noise. If it isn’t the ring of social media, it’s the ring of the phone. Then there is the mental noise that comes from the demands of life that disturb the internal workings of your mind. The crackling of coal as it comes alight is a different noise. It somehow soothes and relaxes, heals and restores as you sit in the silence of the room filled only with symphony of fire.

The Therapeutic Appearance
Nothing beats fire watching, truth be told it is often more entertaining and cathartic than the TV. As other household members cry out to watch that programme that tortures your intelligence what better news than you have a friend in the room that can numb the pain.

Heat That Fills a Home
Saving the best to last is that very welcomed benefit and friend that is heat and the type that you can’t get elsewhere. What more could you ask for as you return from a chilly day doing your daily graft. As you stand by the fire and feel the heat warm your clothes and massage your limbs, could anything get better?

These are just some of the reasons why you need coal in your life. Coal provides benefits and friendships that oil and gas just can’t offer. Why not contact us today at to order some and so that you too can enjoy these 5 freebies.