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Best Coal For An Open Fire? See Our Coal Guide

Best Coal For An Open Fire? See Our Coal Guide

Posted on 24 Jan 2018 By Coal Hut

Choosing which fuel to burn for your open fire or stove can be a difficult choice. There are many advantages to using both wood and coal as your main fuel source, but today we’re going to talk about different types of open fire coal and how to get the most out of your open fire in terms of heat output, fire lifespan and ash content.

When people think of an open fire, the main fuel source that comes to mind is usually coal. Unlike wood, coal doesn’t need to be seasoned or air-dried. This means you don’t have to worry about built up moisture content affecting the life-span and quality of your fire. Open fire coal contains little to no moisture and generates no creosote, which is a great advantage.

 Heat Output

There are three main factors to consider when purchasing open fire coal and that is heat output, fire life, and ash content. If you’re debating whether to go for coal or wood to light your open fire, you may want to take heat output into consideration. 

Coal ignites at a much higher temperature than wood and burns more steadily. Heat output levels vary depending on which type of coal you choose. Some of our best coal with the highest heat output levels include Glolite Smokeless Fuel, Homefire Smokeless Fuel, and Colombian Group 2 Coal.

Fire Life

Coal burns for a very long time, providing a steady and long-lasting burn. Because of its density, open fire coal is able to keep the fire going for much longer than other fuel sources. If you want coal that will give you the longest burn, consider going for something that will maintain heat output over a sustained life and maintain burn time overnight.

Ash Content

When coal ignites and burns over a period of time, it leaves a coat of ash. This can be easily cleaned when needed but if you want to save time, you can go for an open fire coal that burns to a fine residual ash.

If you’re looking for the best coal for your open fire, look no further than We stock a wide range of coal-based fuels including smokeless fuel for a clean burn. We also stock a selection of house coal fuels for a long-lasting burn. You can find out more about our range of open fire coals via the infographic on this page or get in touch to order the best coal for your open fire today.


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