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How to Rekindle the “Christmas Spirit” as Grown-Ups

How to Rekindle the “Christmas Spirit” as Grown-Ups

Posted on 23 Nov 2017 By Coal Hut

Christmas brings the whole family together. There’s a worldwide feeling of comfort, safety, and happiness at this time of year that’s difficult to describe or explain. Some would go as far as calling it the classic “Christmas spirit” we’ve all heard about time and time again in our favourite festive films and in Charles Dickon’s novels. But what does it really mean and how can you and your family experience it for yourselves this Christmas?

As children, we all remember waking up early and rushing downstairs to see what Santa left us under the decorated tree. Some of us got new toys, bicycles, and games and we couldn’t have been happier. But as we get older, the magic fades and that childlike happiness you once felt on Christmas morning becomes nothing but a distant and cherished memory.

Adults nowadays are consumed with worries about careers, relationships and the struggles of everyday life. We’ve become so wrapped up in our own lives that sometimes it’s easy to forget what Christmas is really about. Most of us can probably recall hanging our stockings above the fireplace, eager to find out what they’ll be filled with on Christmas morning. Our parents would come and keep the blaze lit with open fire coal and we’d all gather around to warm up by the dancing flames.

If you want to recapture the magic of Christmas, you should try and focus on the most important things in life. Yes, it’s a cliché but that doesn’t make it any less true. Gather the family together this Christmas and share stories. Listen to each other and try to not worry about the presents (or lack thereof) under the tree. Make yourselves a warm cup of tea and sit in front of the fire like you did in your younger days. It won’t be long before all of those wonderful memories come rushing back and you rekindle that inner “Christmas Spirit” you once had all those years ago.

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