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Best Fuel for an Open Fire

Best Fuel for an Open Fire

Posted on 12 Sep 2018 By Coal Hut

With the winter chill on its way, are you still stuck on which fuel to buy for your open fire? Then look no further. We’re going to review a select group of our best-performing products to help you make the best choice. The products to be reviewed include Homefire Smokeless Fuel 25kg, Five Star Coal 25kg, Colombian Group 2 Coal 25kg and Heat Logs.

Let’s start with our most premium product. Homefire Smokeless Fuel is our premium grade manufactured smokeless ovoid that offers you the quality and experience of a traditional fire whilst being suitable for use in smoke control areas. Faultless in terms of heat output, fire life and ash content, Homefire Smokeless Fuel should be used in open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Although it may not be the cheapest, with prices starting at £163.99, you can rest assured that it’s worth every penny.

Our Five Star Coal is favoured by the traditionalists. Regarded as one of the most premier grade types of coal due to its high heat output, long burn time and low fluffy residual ash content, Fiver Star Coal is suitable for use in both open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Not only does this product perform well across the board, it’s also cost-effective. Prices for Five Star Coal start at just £123.99, making this product a real dark horse in our open fire fuel list.

Our Colombian Group 2 Coal is sourced exclusively from Colombian mines and is considered by many as the best coal for an open fire. It is made up of large pieces that light effortlessly and burn with a natural high flame, concentrated heat and to a low residual ash. It achieved full marks in terms of our heat output rating and is suitable for use in both open fires and multi-fuel stoves, however, bituminous coal should not be burnt in smoke control areas. In addition, it is a cheap coal, with prices starting from just £131.99.

Our UK manufactured heat logs have a compact uniform appearance, are easy to light, burn completely and provide a natural looking flame. Made from compressed woodchip and sawdust sourced from sustainably managed forests, they are great for starting and building up your fire. There is no expansion during burning, they’re easy to stack, clean to handle and produce no soot. In addition, they are suitable for open fires, all stoves, log burners, fire pits and chimineas. Prices start at £184.99 for 63 heat logs, with a saving of £30 and a cost per bag of just £2.94, bargain!

Our pick? Homefire Smokeless Fuel. This open fire fuel ticks every box. Amazing heat output and fire life? Check. Low residual ash content? Check. Suitable for use in smoke control areas? Check. Worth the extra money? Check.

After having discussed our best-performing product options for open fires, it’s now up-to-you to choose your perfect fuel. Have a look around our open fire fuel list and take your pick, today!