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Barbecuing Safely - Top Tips from Coal Hut!

Barbecuing Safely - Top Tips from Coal Hut!

Posted on 8 Jun 2018 By Coal Hut

‘Fire it up!’ is a joy-filled sentence often heard this time of year as our families and friends spill out onto our gardens and patios. Before you know it you have an ice cool drink in one hand and are looking forward to having that burger in the other. Nothing beats the smell of freshly roasting vegetables and meats coming across the garden as you enjoy some good company. It’s simply one of the best things about summer!

The notion for a barbecue can come on all of a sudden, and the great thing is that with a little pre-thought one can be accommodated very easily.  All you need is a barbecue, a supply of fuel and a sneaky pool of treats ready to be cooked up.

All of the above are great but sometimes in our rush to satisfy the urge to cook on fire we forget a little common sense. So let us at Coal Hut provide a gentle timely reminder of what we are talking about.


Whether it is a super handy disposable barbeque or a mega one capable of feeding a small army, the assembly is of utmost importance to get right. Please take a few moments just to read the instructions and ensure things are set up correctly.


Location is an important ingredient and is often overlooked in the rush to satisfy one’s hunger. Make sure you place your barbeque in a safe, well-ventilated spot. The last thing you want is for your house or lungs to be full of smoke or for your hanging baskets to catch fire. Stand back and take a moment to consider your environment.


Which fuel you use is an incredibly important choice to get right. Don’t use logs or coal on a BBQ designed for charcoal and never use gasoline, charcoal or wood on a gas barbeque. The wrong fuel can have damaging/disastrous effects in just seconds.


We need to expect the unexpected so to speak and so it’s best to wear an apron, use gloves, and avoid loose clothing. Always use the appropriate utensils and never leave a BBQ unattended whilst lit or cooling.  

Finally and often crucially the thing to consider is what comes after? Now whilst dessert is high on the agenda, so might heat of a different sort be!

How often have you finished your meal only to feel the chill of the evening arriving as the sun retires? Why bring the evening’s craic to a close prematurely? You should enjoy the canopy of stars above whilst basking in some of the best heat nature can provide. This is where the fire pit, chimineas and other such outdoor heat producers come into their own. Coal Hut can supply bags of Kiln Dried Wood which are the ideal fuel for this purpose and similarly so are our very own heat logs. These are both easy to set alight, clean to use and handy to store. The perfect combination of accessories to help ensure you bring your evening of outdoor food and banter to the perfect end.