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Wondering where to buy coal?

Try – the convenient way to buy great value coal

If you’re wondering where to buy coal from the comfort of home so that you can enjoy the warm, welcoming glow of a real fire, look no further than We sell a full, extensive range of coal and home heating products to suit every need and all appliances including:

Choose your coal – and relax

We offer a huge range of both traditional and smokeless coals. We also supply kiln dried hardwood logs, lignite coal briquettes, and heat logs. We deliver within five working days anywhere in the UK and delivery is free across the UK and Ireland. Our coal comes in 25kg bags and you can order in 10, 20 or 40 bag quantities. Kiln dried logs come in 36 or 72 bag pallets; you can get 10kg bales of lignite coal briquettes in 45 or 90 bale bundles or buy heat logs in quantities of 63 or 126. The more you order, the more you save.

Regular special offers help you save even more

Price and convenience are both important to anyone wondering where to buy coal. That’s why we have regular special offers where you can save even more. Our offers change each month so click on the Offers section of our site to see how you can save even more on your coal today.   

Three easy steps to a welcoming real fire

It’s so easy to buy your coal online. Our website is clearly labelled allowing you to find and choose the coal or fuel you need. All you have to is find the type of coal you require and add it to your basket. Once you’ve added everything you need just follow our three steps to great value, convenient coal:

  1. Follow the easy, clear instructions to order your coal
  2. Choose the quantity you need
  3. Arrange delivery then sit back, relax and we’ll deliver your coal-free wherever you are in the UK or Ireland. – the obvious choice when you’re wondering where to buy coal

Our customers at know they can buy coal online from the comfort of their home and have it delivered free wherever they are in the UK or Ireland. Our great online prices and regular special offers mean you can buy coal easily at superb prices so you and your family can enjoy a warm roaring fire all year round. If you want to know where to buy coal look no further than