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Smokeless Coal Leeds

As a leading supplier of fuels, we hear many stories of people in Leeds unable to find high-quality smokeless coal for their open fires, multi-fuel stoves and other closed appliances. Luckily, Coal Hut can deliver our amazing range of smokeless fuel products straight to your Leeds home, no matter the location. Horsforth, Chapel Allerton, Roundhay - it’s all the same to us.

Smokeless Coal Leeds

  1. Homefire - This premium smokeless fuel performs to the same standard as traditional coal. Although one of our more expensive products, the cosiness produced by the high heat output and long burn time of Homefire makes it worth it.
  2. Small Esse Nuts - Comprised of small to medium sized pieces of Welsh anthracite, Small Esse Nuts are perfect for heating your Leeds home. Perfect for use in room heaters, multi-fuel stoves and more.
  3. Anthracite Beans - Do you have a gravity-fed boiler in your house? Great! Anthracite Beans are the perfect fuel choice thanks to their low flame and compact residual ash. Anthracite Beans produce a medium ash content - something to keep in mind in terms of cleaning.
  4. Wonderco - Wonderco is a cost-effective, petroleum coke product that produces intense fire-bed temperatures - sure to heat your Leeds home fast. Pair it with other ash-bearing fuels, such as our kiln dried logs or Glolite, for optimal results.
  5. Large Aga Nuts - A naturally clean-burning smokeless coal for use in heaters, cookers and boilers. Large Aga Nuts are made of premium grade Welsh Anthracite, so you can rest assured they will perform as expected.
  6. Glolite - Glolite achieved perfect results in our heat output and fire life ratings. Plus, because of the way in which it produces a low ash content, it can be easily cleaned from the grate of your open fire.
  7. Phurnacite - Our highest-quality, manufactured smokeless ovoid. When Phurnacite is used in closed appliances such as cookers, room heaters and multi-fuel stoves, it produces optimum heat output that is relatively unmatched.
  8. Anthracite Grains - Although smaller in comparison to Anthracite Beans, this high-quality smokeless fuel packs the same punch. Use Anthracite Grains in your hopper-fed boilers and be amazed at how quickly they heat your home.
  9. Glovoids - Consistent quality, high heat output and long burn time at a competitive price - what’s more to like? Glovoids is best suited to room heaters, cookers and stoves.
  10. Burnglo Anthracite - Don’t worry, if the previously mentioned smokeless coals seem out of your price bracket, Burnglo Anthracite is here to save the day. Use it in closed appliances for standard quality heat output and fire life.

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