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Smokeless Coal Glasgow

It can be tough to find high-quality smokeless coal in Glasgow. But don’t worry, Coal Hut can deliver amazing smokeless fuel products straight to your front door! No matter whether you live in Govanhill, Pollockshields, Partick or beyond, we promise fast turnaround and delivery times on each of our smokeless coal products.

Smokeless Coal Glasgow

  1. Phurnacite - If you’re looking for optimal heat output to warm your Glasgow home during winter, you need Phurnacite Smokeless Fuel. Because of its low ash content, it can be easily cleared out of the grate of your closed appliances.
  2. Homefire - Longing for the experience of a traditional fire without burning bituminous coal? Homefire Smokeless Fuel is the solution. Faultless in terms of heat output and fire life, this premium quality product is worth the extra bit of money.
  3. Small Esse Nuts - Made from small-to-medium sized pieces of Welsh anthracite, our Small Esse Nuts are the perfect smokeless coal to use in your room heaters because of their naturally clean burning, low flame.
  4. Anthracite Beans - Many Glasgow customers worry that no smokeless coal will fit their gravity-fed boilers. Well, worry no more. Our Anthracite Beans will do just the trick with their low flame and sustained fire life.
  5. Burnglo Anthracite - Coal Hut have smokeless coals to suit Glasgow customers on all budgets. For example, our Burnglo Anthracite is a cost-effective smokeless fuel that performs consistently well.
  6. Glolite - Glolite Smokeless Fuel is a manufactured ovoid which fits perfectly in the grate of open fires and multi-fuel stoves. The sustained and controllable heat ensures that minimal fire tending is required.
  7. Wonderco - This smokeless coal produces high fire-bed temperatures. Therefore, we recommend blending it with higher ash-bearing fuels such as Glolite.
  8. Large Aga Nuts - Larger in comparison to our Small Esse Nuts, Large Aga Nuts are perfectly suited for cookers. They produce a high heat output and long burn time with a low compact residual ash.
  9. Glovoids - Glovoids are a great all-round smokeless coal. They achieved an above average rating in our heat output and fire life ratings. Plus, they produce an easy-to-clean, tight residual ash content.
  10. Anthracite Grains - A smaller alternative to our Anthracite Beans. Anthracite Grains are also best suited to hopper-fed boilers due to their uniform size. They won’t break the bank either!

Remember, Coal Hut deliver each of our smokeless coal products to any location in Glasgow. Glasgow city, Mount Vernon, Cathcart - it doesn’t matter. Just select your favourite smokeless fuel, enter your postcode and sit back and relax.