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Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

Kiln dried hardwood logs

More and more people are using kiln dried hardwood logs. Perfect for wood burning stoves and open fires, kiln dried logs are very easy to light and are ready to burn immediately. Kiln dried hardwood logs are extremely efficient, clean burning and give out a great heat with an inviting, warm flame.

The efficiency, cleanliness and cost effectiveness of kiln dried logs is one reason why they’re recommended by stove manufacturers, installers and chimney sweeps. And increasing numbers of people who heat their homes with wood fuel are turning to kiln dried logs.

What’s the difference?

Traditionally logs for burning are produced by felling trees and splitting the wood before stacking it for at least a year to let it season and dry out in the air. The very best suppliers would allow two or three years for drying, but even then, the moisture content of the wood is typically between 25 and 50%.

Our kiln dried hardwood logs are dried in purpose built kilns until their moisture content is less than 20%.

The benefits of kiln dried logs

The low moisture content of kiln dried logs means that they light quickly and burn easily. They give off up to twice the energy of seasoned logs so you’ll only use half the amount of kiln dried logs than you would of normal logs. This makes them the most efficient logs for use in wood burning stoves and open fires. Kiln dried logs burn cleanly and unlike wood with high moisture content, kiln dried logs won’t cause wear or damage to your appliance over time.

They burn with a warm, inviting flame and produce up to twice the heat of seasoned logs or other wood.

Uses for kiln dried logs

Kiln dried hardwood logs are suitable for use in many kinds of appliances and fires including:

• Wood burning stoves

• Open fires

• Log burners

• All stoves

• Fire pits

• Chimineas

More and more people are using kiln dried hardwood logs to heat their homes. Kiln dried logs are clean, very efficient and really cost effective. Our kiln dried logs come already split in a range of lengths to suit every appliance. They are supplied in plastic bags approx. 43cm x 71cm.