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Coal For Sale Bristol

It can be difficult to find high-quality coal in Bristol. But never worry, when you order at, you can get word class coals delivered straight to your front door. No matter whether you live in Redcliffe, Harbourside, Broadmead or beyond, we promise fast delivery times on all of our coal products.

Coal for sale in Bristol

  1. House Doubles - Although slightly smaller in size than our House Coal, House Doubles perform with the same consistency. They burn with an attractive flame that lasts for hours on end.
  2. Slack - Comprised of fine pieces of coal that are perfect for banking down fires, maintaining a warm glow overnight or taming a roaring fire whilst maintaining heat.
  3. Colombian Group 2 Coal - One of our most premium coals, Colombian Group 2 is famed for its high flame, concentrated heat and low residual ash content. Plus, it’s super easy to light.
  4. Surelite - Because of its compact ovoid shape, Surelite is able to be stacked neatly in the grate of any open fire or multi-fuel stove. This ensures a consistent heat output, extended burn time and easy cleaning once the fire is out.

Even if you live within a smoke control area of Bristol, Coal Hut supply a wide variety of smokeless coals that perform to the same high standard as our traditional, bituminous coal. Check out some of our high-quality smokeless fuels below and get them delivered to Old City and beyond.

Smokeless coal for sale in Bristol

  1. Homefire - Experience the cosiness of a traditional open fire with Homefire Smokeless Fuel. Achieving full marks in our heat output and fire life ratings, this versatile smokeless coal can also be used in closed appliances.
  2. Phurnacite - Phurnacite is unmatched in terms of heat output. When used in the right conditions, such as room heaters and multi-fuel stoves, you’ll be amazed at just how quickly Phurnacite can heat your Bristol home.
  3. Anthracite Grains - The premium smokeless coal for gravity fed and hopper fed boilers. Anthracite Grains is naturally clean-burning smokeless coal with a low flame and a low compact residual ash content.
  4. Burnglo Anthracite - A cheap and cheerful smokeless coal that is famed for its reliability. Perfect for those on a budget, Burnglo Anthracite should be used in closed appliances such as glass-fronted stoves, cookers and boilers.

Visit to browse through our extended list of coals and smokeless fuels. We also offer a selection of fire logs and wood pellets. No matter your requirement for your home in Bristol, Coal Hut will have the answer.