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Have you re-blemished your supply of coal for the winter? If not, don’t worry! With Coal Hut’s you will be able to order coal right to your front door with our 5 Days delivery guarantee!

Coal Hut’s Top Products 

Here at, we offer our customers a wide range of smokeless coal for them to choose from. To give you a quick taster of the premium products that we have to offer, here are top three products here:

      1. Colombian Group 2 Coal 

Colombian Group 2 Coal is our best selling, premium house coal sourced exclusively from Colombian mines. Achieving our highest grade in heat output, we can ensure that you will stay warm and cosy during these cold nights!

      2. Homefire Smokeless Coal

You can never go wrong with our premium grade manufactured smokeless ovoid. Our Homefire Smokeless Coal will offer you the quality and experience of a traditional fire whilst being suitable or Bromley which is mostly a smoke controlled area. 

      3. Five Star Doubles 25kg

Our premier grade medium-sized pieces of Five Star Doubles are selected for their high heat output, long burn time and low fluffy residual ash content. If you're looking for a premium product that is suitable for both open fires and multi-fuel stoves then this is the answer! 

(not suitable for smoke control areas)

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Whether you are in Harefield, Cavendish or the Heathrow Villages, here at we will deliver our premium products right to your front door.