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Lignite briquettes 10kg
Buy briquettes online in 10kg bales. Each bale consists of 18 individual briquettes that measure approximately 18cm x 6cm x 4cm. Our briquettes are conveniently brick-like in shape making them easy to stack and store even in small areas.

Common uses for lignite briquettes
The warm glow and long flame of Coal Hut lignite briquettes make them a popular choice for traditional open fires, especially in the winter months. When you stock up your fire with briquettes before bed and return the next morning to shake off the ash and stoke up the fire bed, you’ll be left with a base of warm embers that will make your fire easy to relight. Lignite briquettes are also perfect and widely used for multi-fuel stoves. Another great advantage of briquettes is that they have a longer burn time than ordinary wood logs, so many customers use briquettes with our kiln dried logs to get a longer burning traditional fire with a pleasant glow.

What exactly are Coal Hut lignite briquettes?
Briquettes are made by compressing coal dust and small fragments of coal into bricks. Coal Hut briquettes are made from lignite, known as brown coal. Lignite is a soft easily combustible sedimentary rock formed when peat compresses naturally. With a typical carbon content of up to 70 percent, lignite is mined all over the world and used almost exclusively for fuel. It has slightly lower heat output and higher moisture content than some other more pure forms of coal. Briquettes were first used in the 1800s but were compressed manually so clay had to be used to bind the dust. The disadvantage of this was that the clay didn’t burn off so early briquettes left a large amount of congealed ash that blocked airflow. However, the development of the hydraulic press meant that briquettes could be bound with only small amounts of tar or pitch that burned away completely and the low ash, easy burning briquette was born.

Buy briquettes online and save money
You can buy briquettes online in bulk. Choose 45 or 90 bale bundles and have your lignite briquettes delivered anywhere in the UK within five days. From as little as £3.11 per bale, Coal Hut briquettes are excellent value for money. It’s quick and simple to buy your briquettes online. The price you see is the price you pay and we deliver all your fuel free right across the UK and Ireland, so buy your lignite briquettes online from today.