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Best Fuel to Beat the Winter Chill

Best Fuel to Beat the Winter Chill

Posted on 10 Oct 2018 By Coal Hut

The holidays are coming thick and fast. And so too is the dreaded winter chill. You may be wondering which fuel will you keep your warm and toasty over the festive period. Luckily, Coal Hut are reviewing our best fuels in terms of heat output, helping you make the right choice.

The products to be reviewed in this article are Surelite 25kg, Wonderco Smokeless Fuel 25kg, Phurnacite Smokeless Fuel 25kg and Lignite Briquettes 10kg.

Let’s start off with Surelite. A compact manufactured ovoid that sits neatly in the grate. It maintains heat output over a sustained fire life before burning to a tight fine ash. A fuel best suited open fires and multi-fuel stoves, however, it should not be used within smoke control areas. Surelite achieved an above average heat output rating from us here at Coal Hut but its main attraction is its fire life. Prices start at a very reasonable £151.99, considering the all-round performance of this above average coal.

Next, Wonderco Smokeless Fuel will be reviewed. This petroleum coke product suitable for use in smoke control areas. It produces a high concentrated heat output and a warm glow. Due to its high fire-bed temperatures, we recommend that it is blended with other ash-bearing fuels such as our Kiln Dried Logs or our Glolite Smokeless Fuel. Achieving full marks in our heat output rating, this fuel is sure to keep you cosy while Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. From just £147.99, could this be our winter winner?

Phurnacite Smokeless Fuel is made from the highest quality manufactured smokeless ovoid. It’s suitable for use in smoke control areas, and, when used in the right conditions, Phurnacite provides optimum heat output and long burn time with a low compact residual ash. For use in your room heaters, it’s flawless heat output will come in handy whilst you binge-watch the old Christmas classics. Prices start at £176.99.

Last, but certainly not least, is our Lignite Briquettes. Lignite burns with a long flame and has a greater heat and burn time than traditional logs. Alternating between our Kiln Dried Logs and our Lignite Briquettes will significantly increase the longevity of your fire. Bank up your fire with our Lignite Briquettes before retiring for the evening. The next morning, after checking whether Santa has come, you will have a warm base of embers ready to start your roaring fire again in no time. Lignite Briquettes achieve an average heat output rating from us here at Coal Hut, but with prices from as little as £4.93 per bag, this fuel remains a contender.

Our pick? Wonderco Smokeless Fuel - cost-effective with a high heat output and a warm glow - this smokeless fuel was made for winter. And what’s more, Wonderco attained an above average fire life rating from us here at Coal Hut, saving you the hassle of constantly tending your open fire, heater etc. To achieve that cosy, festive spirit we all love, pair this fuel with our Kiln Dried Logs. From all of us here at Coal Hut, Happy Holidays!