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Bags of Coal

Convenience and great value on bags of coal
It’s never been easier to order bags of coal from Whatever you need and whatever your budget, our website lets you browse, choose and order bags of coal quickly and easily. We sell a range of home heating fuels like kiln dried hardwood logs, briquettes and heat logs as well as bags of traditional and smokeless coal.

Coal and fuel for any appliance
We sell a huge range of coal and other heating fuel to suit every appliance. Order online in bulk, then just sit back and wait for your bags of coal to be delivered free to your door. We supply to customers who need coal for:

Open fires
You just can’t beat the warm, welcoming glow of a real fire. We sell a range of coals that are perfect for open fires. From standard household singles and doubles to premium Columbian coal, we’ll supply whatever you need and all at excellent prices. We also supply kiln dried hardwood logs, lignite coal briquettes, heat logs and slack. Many customers combine coal with logs or other home heating fuel to get the best flame, fire life, and heat.

If you live in a smoke control area check out our extensive range of smokeless coals that will keep your fire burning brightly. We deliver bags of smokeless coal to customers throughout the UK and Ireland. Have a look at the Smokeless section to see the full range we supply.

Closed appliances and multi-fuel stoves
Many customers use our coal in closed appliances, glass-fronted fires, and multi-fuel stoves. Coals from both our traditional and smokeless range are ideal for all sorts of closed appliances. Click on the section you need, view the range displayed in order of price or product name and then just click on the product for full details, price and to order.

Heaters, cookers, and boilers
We supply a range of coals that are perfect for heaters, cookers, and boilers. Starting from as little as £6.50 per bag, we stock five different sorts of long burning, high heat output, smokeless coal as well as heat logs and kiln dried logs.

Gravity fed boilers
We supply anthracite grains and anthracite beans for use in gravity fed boilers. Both have a low flame and long burn time making them perfect for use even in smoke control areas.

Great value bags of coal direct to your door
Our coal comes in 25kg bags and you can order in quantities of 10, 20 or 40. Order more bags of coal and save even more money. All our coal is delivered free right across the UK or Ireland and you can order online from your home, laptop or mobile device. To see our full range, get more information, find out what’s on offer this month and order your bags of coal online visit today.