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Smokeless coal prices

Even if you don’t live in a smoke controlled area you might want to consider using smokeless coal. Smokeless coal can cost slightly more than traditional house coal, but it produces more heat and typically lasts around 40% longer. That means you get more heat from less coal so the overall price of using smokeless works out around the same as that of some traditional coals.

Our smokeless coal prices start at just £6.50 a bag for both Wonderco or Burnglo Anthracite and you’ll fimnd great savings on other smokeless coals across our website, so check all of our smokeless coal prices and our offers page before you buy.

Smokeless fuel – your environmentally friendly fuel

Not only will you benefit from great smokeless coal prices with Coal Hut, but using our smokeless coal helps the environment too. Smokeless fuel produces 80% less smoke than traditional household coal. Modern smokeless coals produce up to 40% less carbon monoxide than ordinary coal and some even have a renewable element.

Wide range of smokeless coal prices to suit any budget

There are many types of smokeless coal.

Smokeless coal for open fires

While many smokeless coals are produced for closed appliances only, some are great for use in open fires too:
Homefire is a premium ovoid that produces good heat over an extended burn time while producing only low amounts of ash.
Wonderco burns with a concentrated heat and warm glow. It burns at a very high temperature so we recommend that you combine it with other, cooler burning products like kiln dried logs or Glolite smokeless coal.

Glolite Smokless oviods are easy to light and leave a fine residual ash. It provides good, controllable heat and is popular for both open fires and multi fuel stoves in smoke control areas.

We regularly update our smokeless coal prices with new offers, so keep an eye on our website. And if you’re not sure which smokeless coal suits your needs, check out our fuel guide or contact us directly.