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Smokeless Coal Liverpool

Coal Hut can deliver our world-class smokeless coal range to all postcodes in Liverpool. No matter where you live in Merseyside, you can rest assured that we’ll work tirelessly to bring your high-quality smokeless fuel straight to your front door. Simply browse our smokeless coal range, enter your postcode and sit back and relax. To help with your order, check out our smokeless fuel products below.

Smokeless Coal Liverpool

  1. Large Aga Nuts - For use in heater, cookers and boilers, Large Aga Nuts are made from premium grade Welsh anthracite. This amazing smokeless coal will heat your Liverpool home for hours thanks to its sustained fire life.
  2. Small Esse Nuts - They may be the smaller sibling to our Large Aga Nuts, however, Small Esse Nuts perform just as well. Producing an above average heat output, extended burn time and medium ash content, Small Esse Nuts are perfectly suited for closed appliances.
  3. Wonderco - A cost-effective smokeless coal for open fires. Wonderco Smokeless Fuel will quickly heat up any room with a fireplace thanks to its high fire-bed temperatures. For optimum results, pair this smokeless coal with other ash-bearing fuels.
  4. Glolite - Another smokeless fuel for open fires, Glolite is a bit of a show-off. Why? Well, because it is practically faultless in every department. Heat output? Perfect. Fire life? Perfect. Ash content? Perfect. Is there anything Glolite can’t do?
  5. Anthracite Grains -  Do you heat your Liverpool home with a gravity fed or hopper fed boiler? If so, Anthracite Grains is the perfect smokeless coal for you thanks to its low flame and extended burn time.
  6. Anthracite Beans - Much like our Grains, Anthracite Beans are best suited to gravity and hopper fed boilers. They are naturally clean burning and produce a medium ash content.
  7. Homefire - Get the experience of a traditional open fire without bituminous coal with Homefire Smokeless Fuel. This premium grade manufactured smokeless ovoid can also be used in closed appliances.
  8. Burnglo Anthracite - If the other smokeless coals are out of your price bracket, Burnglo Anthracite is the perfect alternative. A standard quality smokeless fuel that is prized for its dependability.
  9. Glovoids - An all round smokeless coal thanks to its consistent quality, good heat output, long burn time and low ash content. Glovoids is best suited to heaters, stoves and cookers.
  10. Phurnacite - A high quality manufactured smokeless ovoid with unmatched heat output. Perfect in closed appliances during those chilly Liverpool nights.

See something you like? Perfect. Order one of our amazing smokeless coals online at for superfast Liverpool delivery.