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Smokeless Coal Bristol

High quality and value for money smokeless coal can be hard to come across. Especially when you live in Bristol! But luckily, Coal Hut have a range of industry-leading smokeless fuel products that won’t break the bank either. No matter whether you live in Bristol City Centre, Harbourside or Clifton, Coal Hut will deliver our amazing smokeless coal straight to your front door! Check out our range of smokeless fuel products below.

Smokeless Coal Bristol

  1. Large Aga Nuts - Use these medium to large sized pieces of Welsh anthracite to get the very best out of your multi-fuel stoves, room heaters, boilers and cookers. Large Aga Nuts produce a low compact residual ash which is super easy to clean.
  2. Small Esse Nuts - Although smaller than our Large Aga Nuts, Small Esse Nuts pack the same punch. You’ll be amazed at the heat produced by this teeny-tiny smokeless coal. It’s naturally clean burning and perfect for use in closed appliances.
  3. Wonderco - High heat for a low price. Wonderco smokeless fuel is a petroleum coke product that produces high fire-bed temperatures. Therefore, we recommend combining it with other ash-bearing fuels such as our Kiln Dried Logs.
  4. Glolite - The upper echelon of smokeless coal. Coal is perfect in every department. Faultless heat output and fire life, low ash content, easy to light and suitable for use in both open fires and multi-fuel stoves.
  5. Anthracite Grains - Uniformly sized pieces of Welsh anthracite that are best suited to gravity-fed boilers. They have above average heat output which is sure to heat your Bristol home. Once burned, Anthracite Grains produce a medium ash content.
  6. Anthracite Beans - The big brother to our Anthracite Grains. Anthracite Beans are also the perfect solution to smokeless fuel for hopper-fed boilers. They burn with a low flame with an extended burn time.
  7. Homefire - A premium smokeless coal for use in just about everything. Open fires, multi-fuel stoves, heaters, cookers, boilers, you name it - Homefire smokeless fuel will do just the trick. Homefire provides amazing heat output, extended burn time and low residual ash.
  8. Burnglo Anthracite - A smokeless coal for Bristol customers on a budget. Burnglo Anthracite is a standard quality, dependable smokeless fuel with average heat output and fire life.
  9. Glovoids - A smokeless coal that is a great all-rounder. For a competitive price, you get high heat output, sustained fire life and a low ash content. Best suited for closed appliances.
  10. Phurnacite - Phurnacite is a smokeless fuel with unrivalled heat output. If you get in from a chilly winter stroll in Bristol, stick Phurnacite in your closed appliance and get all warm and cosy.

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