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Heat Output
Fire Life
Ash Content Medium
126 Bales
From £617.99
£4.90 PER BAG
63 Bales
From £351.49
£5.58 PER BAG

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About Heat Logs

Each bale of our heat logs weighs between 9 and 10 kg and contains 10 individual heat logs (logs are octagonal in shape, approx. 20cm x 7cm x 7cm)

Our UK manufactured heat logs have a compact uniform appearance, are easy to light, burn completely and provide a natural looking flame.

Made from compressed woodchip and sawdust sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Great for starting and building up your fire. No expansion during burning, easy to stack, clean to handle and no soot. Suitable for open fires, all stoves, log burners, fire pits and chimineas.

*Exempt appliances that can burn unauthorised fuels. Unauthorised fuels, such as wood, can be burned in exempt appliances such as some boilers, cookers and stoves. You must only use the types of fuel that the manufacturer says can be used in the appliance.