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Buy Coal in Bromley

Do you live in the smoke controlled area in Bromley? Don’t worry! You too can enjoy the warm and cosy experience of high-quality fuels with Coal Hut’s smokeless coal range. 

Smokeless Coal

Here at, we offer our customers a wide range of smokeless coal for them to choose from. To give you a quick taster of the premium products that we have to offer, here is a quick glimpse into our selection of smokeless coal

      1. Glovoids- Ovals

Glovoids are a great alternative to premium Esse Nuts, as they also consistently produce high heat and long burn time. Glovoids are best when used in closed appliances such as room heaters, stoves, cookers and boilers. 

      2. Phurnacite Smokeless Fuel 25kg

These are one of our highest quality smokeless ovoids, achieving full marks in our heat output and low ash content- meaning you can enjoy a warm, long burning fire with minimum clean up. Our Phurnacite Smokeless Fuel will achieve its best results when used in cookers, room heaters and multi-fuel stoves. 

      3. Large Anthracite Aga Nuts

Our Large Anthracite Aga Nuts consist of medium-large sized pieces of high-grade Welsh anthracite. If you are looking or natural clean-burning coal with a slow frame and a high heat output then our Large Anthracite Aga Nuts are what you need! 

      4. Small Anthracite Esse Nuts

Small Anthracite Esse Nuts will produce a low flame with a high heat output and long burn time. They are ideal in closed appliances such as room heaters, glass-fronted stoves, cookers and boilers. If you are looking for small to medium-sized pieces of high-grade Welsh anthracite then our Small Anthracite Esse Nuts are for you. 

      5. Homefire Smokeless Coal 

You can never go wrong with our premium grade manufactured smokeless ovoid. Our Homefire Smokeless Coal will offer you the quality and experience of a traditional fire whilst being suitable or Bromley which is mostly a smoke controlled area. 

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No matter where you are. Whether that be Beckenham, Anerley or Sundridge, when you order online with we will deliver our premium coal straight to your doorstep!