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How to Enjoy a Traditional Fire If You Live in a Smoke Control Area

How to Enjoy a Traditional Fire If You Live in a Smoke Control Area

Posted on 15 Nov 2017 By Coal Hut

There are many areas in the UK that have been deemed a “Smoke Control Area”. This basically means that you aren’t allowed to emit smoke from a chimney. In some cases, you can get away with using an exempt appliance such as a stove or burner. However, some people who live in these areas miss the old-fashioned fireplace and using it to keep the home warm and cosy on a chilly night. Unfortunately, it’s against the law to light a regular fire that emits smoke from the chimney if you live in a Smoke Control Area and you could be fined up to £1,000 if you break the rules.

Thankfully, here at Coal Hut, we understand that not everyone can afford to splurge on an expensive burner or stove, which is why we provide smokeless coal to our customers. Smokeless coal is useful if you live in a Smoke Control Area and want to light a fire without sending clouds of thick smoke up your chimney. It’s also perfect for those who own a small stove who want a clean burn and people who want to increase heat output while saving money at the same time.

What is Smokeless Coal?
Smokeless coals have an anthracite base which is a form of coal that is older than most other types of coal. It’s generally hard and black and is high in carbon (approx. 97%) but low in sulphur. It provides a clean burn with less than 15% moisture, making it ideal for burning smokeless fires and for use as fuel in boilers, stoves and cookers etc.

Smokeless coal has a long list of benefits but here’s just a few:

Environmentally friendly
If you’re worried about the local council knocking on your door when you have a fire going, don’t bother. Burning smokeless coal is perfect for smoke controlled areas as it cuts smoke emissions by up to 80% and cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 40%.

Natural Clean Burn
Burning smokeless coal such as Phurnacite and Homefire from our online collection ensures a natural clean burn that guarantees quality and high performance. Burning smokeless coal can also give out more heat, which is perfect if you want to save on heating costs.

Longer Fire Life
Smokeless coal performs better than most and has the ability to provide consistent heat and a longer fire that lasts 40% longer than regular or premium coal.

Order a bag of smokeless coal from Coal Hut today and you can have your home heated in no time. Whether you live in a Smoke Control Area or not, investing in quality smokeless coal ensures you get a clean and long-lasting burn while helping out the environment. We offer competitive prices and free delivery with special offers on a range of different products online. Find out more by visiting today!