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Are You Prepared for the “Coldest Winter of the Decade”?

Are You Prepared for the “Coldest Winter of the Decade”?

Posted on 28 Sep 2018 By Coal Hut

It does not seem long ago that the UK was blasted by the so-called Beast from the East. But with the year-end fast-approaching, experts are now warning that we could be facing the worst winter weather of the decade - possibly even outdoing the fateful big freeze of 2010/11, which saw the UK suffer the coldest temperatures since records began. So, are you prepared for this winter whiteout?

In February 2018, the UK was hit by a period of nail-bitingly cold temperatures and snow storms. Dubbed ‘The Beast from the East’, the sudden drop in temperatures was caused by what’s known as a sudden stratospheric warming (SSW). This relates to a jump in temperatures over the Arctic which cause a change of direction in the northern polar jet-stream. This change of direction pulls cold air from easterly countries, such as Siberia, towards the UK. In combination with Storm Emma, it was a particularly destructive time that even resulted in the loss of life.

This year, however, is shaping up to one of our worst winters to date. A string of low-pressure systems are likely to bring freezing temperatures, blustery winds and heavy snow to the UK. A plunge in solar activity (a cause of SSW) and the warming of the Pacific Ocean are said to be the causes of the beckoning extreme weather conditions.

Heavy snowfall is expected earlier than usual in the coming winter months. November could see the UK hit with a winter whiteout that may remain for months on end - below-average temperatures are expected from November through to February. For those of us enamoured by the festive spirit, this coming winter could see our first White Christmas for years. Sleigh Bells could be jingling in a Winter Wonderland of snow right through into the New Year.

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After having read through our informative articles, select the perfect fuel that will keep yourself and your loved ones warm and dry this winter. And remember, stay safe when venturing outdoors.