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Which fuel should you choose for an open fire?

Which fuel should you choose for an open fire?

Posted on 21 Feb 2018 By Coal Hut

Open fire coal

At Coal we offer 14 different types of coal and fuel suitable for open fires. Whether you want traditional or smokeless we have a superb range of coal to suit your home and your pocket. Simply check our range online, choose your open fire coal or fuel, then order with the click of a button and you’ll soon be enjoying the warm glow of a real fire without even having to leave your home.

Traditional coal

There’s nothing more welcoming than a roaring open fire and at we supply a great range of traditional coals:
Singles from £5.25 per bag
Excellent value, open fire coal that burns with a good heat over a long fire life.
House Doubles from £5.50 per bag
House Doubles give good heat and burn time with an attractive, warm flame.
House Coal and Five Star Doubles from £6.00 per bag
Two very popular home fire coals with great heat and a long fire life.
Five Star Coal from £6.50 per bag
Another coal with good heat output and fire life while leaving only low amounts of ash.
Colombian Group 2 Coal from £6.87 per bag
This Colombian coal is a premium, long life house coal that gives out great with a high flame while leaving little residual ash.
Surelite from £7.25 per bag
You’ll get exceptional fire life and great heat from this manufactured ovoid.
Slack from £4.50 per bag
Slack consists of very fine pieces of coal and is perfect for calming down a roaring fire while keeping it lit – even overnight.

Smokeless Coal

Living in a smoke control area doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the cosy glow of an open fire. We supply three premium, value for money smokeless coals:

Wonderco from £6.50 per bag
A great value for money smokeless coal offering great heat output and long fire life.
Glolite from £8.50 per bag
An easy to light ovoid with a long and controllable heat output.
Homefire from £10.75 per bag
Premium grade oval coal offering the values of a warm, traditional coal fire suitable for smoke control areas.

Other fuel for open fires

Heat Logs from £2.54 per bag
Easy to light with a good heat, our heat logs burn completely with a natural flame. Heat logs are ideal for starting and building up your fire.
Lignite Briquettes from £3.11 per bag
These coal briquettes have a great burn time and customers often use them with other fuels to increase the longevity of open fires.
Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs from £4.03 per bag
Our logs are dried in purpose-built kilns giving them a much lower moisture content than other wood logs, allowing them to burn cleanly and efficiently.

The warm, welcoming glow of an open fire - delivered right to your door
Wherever you are in the UK or Ireland will deliver your coal directly to your door, free of charge. You can order your coal in quantities of 10, 20 or 40 bags. The more you order, the more you save. Click on coal to get prices and full details and don’t forget that on our website you’ll find monthly special offers where you can save even more. Simply click on the coal or fuel you want and start saving today.