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What can I burn in my multi-fuel stove?

What can I burn in my multi-fuel stove?

Posted on 9 Mar 2017 By Coal Hut

For many people there’s nothing better than huddling round the stove on a winter’s night. Nothing beats the heat and warm glow of a fire and whether you have an open fire or a multi-fuel stove, your whole room will be cosy in no time. However, many people don’t realise just how many types of fuel you can burn in your multi-fuel stove.

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs
Always popular in stoves, our logs are dried in kilns so they have extremely low moisture content. They are ready to use right away, easy to light and they burn with a warm, welcoming flame. Our kiln dried hardwood logs are currently on offer on our website. Buy 20 bags and save £30, or go for 40 bags and save £60!

Lignite Briquettes
Lasting longer than logs and with a greater burn time, lignite briquettes can really increase the life span of your fire, especially when used with logs.

Smokeless fuels
At we have a great range of smokeless fuels you can burn in your multi-fuel stove:

Homefire Smokeless is a smokeless ovoid that is long lasting and gives out a good heat with a low ash output.
Glovoids are smokeless ovoids that are manufactured to burn for a long time and produce high heat. They’re available at great prices and ideal for multi-burn stoves.
Small Esse Nuts are anthracite pieces that produce a low flame and a lot of heat with little residual ash.
Burnglo Anthracite is a popular choice and great value for money. It burns for a long time, producing a good heat with a low flame.
Phurnacite is a high quality ovoid, manufactured to produce maximum heat. It’s long lasting and leaves little residual ash.
Glolite is an extremely popular ovoid that’s great value for money. It produces very high, sustained heat.
Large Aga Nuts are larger pieces of anthracite that burn at a good heat over a long period.

Other coals and ovoids
You can also use Five Star, Colombian Group 2, Singles and Doubles in your multi-fuel stove as well as Surelite ovoids. And while some household coals aren’t suitable for stoves, our House Coal is perfect for multi-fuel stoves and great value for money.

We also supply bags of Slack for when you want to tame a roaring fire or leave your stove lit overnight at a very low heat.

There are offers on many of our fuels so check online to find the best price on the fuel you need. Whatever fuel you prefer for your multi-fuel stove, you'll find it at great prices on our website. Ordering couldn’t be easier and if you order in bulk with one of our special offers, you’ll save even more. Our website also shows the full range of fuels and other products we supply. To join our many customers who enjoy excellent prices and free delivery for their fuel, simply visit today.