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Heat Logs – A most convenient and consistent fuel…

Heat Logs – A most convenient and consistent fuel…

Posted on 13 Aug 2018 By Coal Hut

If we are honest, the majority of us struggle to light fires, choosing instead to nominate someone else in the house to do the task at hand. Another reasonable observation is that the nominee once having managed to light the fire will have worked their way through a significant chunk of a box of fire-lighters. We have all got involved in wishful antics like trying to burn a branch that we just cut of a tree or attempting to ignite the coal that had got wet and we have all had fun but failed. It's just not as easy as it should be... unless of course, you know a number of the tricks of the trade.

Whether you are wanting to light a fire in your chiminea, your garden fire pit or your open fire at home there are helpful tricks that reach across each setting. Victory can be found in areas such as using kindling and in learning how to work it correctly, using the right fuel and ensuring it is dry. When it comes to getting advice we are only too happy to help especially in the area of fuel. Feel free anytime to ask us about our kiln-dried wood, our coals or any of our many other products.

One of the tricks of the trade that can help in every and any setting are heat logs.  Heat logs are made from compressed woodchip and sawdust sourced from sustainably managed forests. Two words describe them best - convenient and consistent. When you purchase heat logs from us at Coal Hut, they will come in a bale of ten. Cleverly designed to be easily stored, they are easy to light, burn efficiently and completely and provide a lovely warm flame both in appearance and in effect.

All of the above characteristics make them the ideal companion for those of us who struggle with fire lighting and for those of us who are experts in the field. Complementing this, heat logs give a great performance in a variety of ways. As a result of their ultra-low moisture content, they don’t spark or spit, and produce very little mess or ash. Heat logs also produce very little flue gas, and so not only provide great safety for you the user but are also a great friend of your chimney. Finally, you can depend on the same quality and performance from each and every heat log because of their uniform construction.

So, there you go, Coal Huts heat logs, which we can deliver to your very door, are up there with the most convenient and consistent fuels available on the market. Why not order online today and get yourself a stocked up for your next indoor or outdoor fire.