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What is the Difference Between Seasoned and Kiln Dried Wood?

What is the Difference Between Seasoned and Kiln Dried Wood?

Posted on 17 Jul 2019 By Coal Hut

Before we can get into the differences between seasoned and kiln-dried wood is, we need to have an understanding of what both of these woods are. 


What is Seasoned Wood?

Before you have seasoned wood, you have what is referred to as greenwood. In other words, this means there is will a large amount of moisture in the tree’s cells and its sap. When wood is freshly cut down, it contains about 50% water. 

If you hear someone talking about “seasoned” wood, it means that the wood has been left out to dry for a very long period of time. This results in the moisture from the tree’s cells and the sap to evaporate from the wood until the moisture level is <20%.

When people season their own wood, they often make the mistake that because the ‘green’ colour from the wood is gone, means that their wood is ready for their firepit. However, this is wrong and actually really dangerous. 

If the wood is only partially seasoned, and still contains a lot of moisture it’s very hazardous. When lit, it will create a lot of smoke and causes a dangerous creosote buildup over time. This is why it’s vital that if you are drying your wood at home, you leave the wood out longer than when it starts to lose its colour. This process can take longer than a year to complete. 


What is Kiln Dried Wood?

Unlike seasoned wood, kiln wood has been dried at extreme temperatures in an oven. Using this artificial method it means that the wood only takes about a week to dry instead of a year. By drying out wood like this, it ensures moisture, fungus and pests in the wood. This makes kiln wood cleaner, longer-lasting and easier to light compared to other types of wood. 


What is the Different Between Seasoned and Kiln Dried Wood? 

The major difference between seasoned wood and kiln-dried wood is that seasoned wood is dried naturally over a long period of time whereas kiln wood and be dried in a kiln with extremely high pressures to remove the moisture from the wood. 

If seasoned wood hasn't been dried probably then it can make it hard to light and cause creosote buildup in your chimney. It will also cause tar around your firepit.


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