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Colombian Coal- The Hottest Coal on the Market

Colombian Coal- The Hottest Coal on the Market

Posted on 29 Jul 2019 By Coal Hut

We’re in that wonderful season when we light our open fires at a BBQ and sit down with your friends and family to watch the flickering flames dance around the fire pit…

But when it comes to picking the right coal for you, it can be a lot to take in as there are so many different types. Even though they pretty much all look the same, it’s important to know that they each have different properties.

This blog post is all about the hottest coal on the market right now; Colombian coal.

What is Colombian Coal?

Colombian coal is considered to be the best house coal you can buy. It is a natural product which is minded in a number of countries such as South America and Eastern Russia. The reason why Colombian coal is regarded as the best coal is due to its easy to light, high heat output, and low ash residue properties. Colombian coal also produces a strong, long-lasting fire that burns as an aesthetic natural glowing flame. 

What’s the Difference Between your Colombian Group 2 Coal, Five Star Coal and your House Coal?

As mentioned above, our Colombian Coal is considered to be the best of the best of house coals, due to its high heat output, low ash output and it’s dancing glowing flames.
Our Colombian Group 2 Coal only contains coal which has been minded from Colombian mines.

Our Five Star Coal contains a blend of premium coals (this including the Colombian coal) that have been specifically chosen to produce a high heat output and leave behind as little ash, but also to produce a good strong flame. The heat output is not as valuable as our Colombian coal and there is more ash produced, however, it is still a good quality product.

Our House Coal is a selection of the best UK mined coals and some from countries who are less well known for producing coal. This coal isn’t as good as the ones mentioned above, but it will warm you up and get a fire going

Where can I get Colombian Coal?

Our Colombian coal is ideal for open fires or a multi-fuel stove, however, it’s not suitable in smoke control areas.

You can get our Colombian Coal Trebles here from £349.99 and be delivered to you in 5 DAYS!