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Coal Hut - Your No.1 Coal Merchants

Coal Hut - Your No.1 Coal Merchants

Posted on 10 Feb 2020 By Coal Hut is a leading coal merchant based in the United Kingdom, delivering coal directly to your home. Our mission is to supply you with top quality products, customer service and value for money at the click of a button.

About us

Coal Hut has been the online coal merchant of choice for house coal, smokeless fuels, stove fuels, logs and briquettes for many years now. We import our own coal from around the world meaning we are in the fortunate position to offer exclusive deals only available online - with new special offers introduced every month. was created to offer our hassle-free pallet delivery service directly to your home. Simply select your coal online, choose quantity and delivery options then sit back and relax while we arrange the FREE delivery of your 10, 20 or 40 bag pallet within 5 working days.

All of our products have been sourced, processed, tested and packaged by the best: therefore we can guarantee you, our customers, that whatever product you choose, you will be receiving the highest quality and value for money.

Not sure what product is the best for your appliance or perhaps you need some advice on how to light a coal fire? Don’t worry: our easy-to-use website will help you choose the best fuel type by being able to filter through our products by appliance suitability and product characteristics. We also offer our free expertise knowledge under our Blog section, in which you can learn everything you need to know about coal and solid fuels!

What types of coal do you sell?

With over 30 years’ experience as a leading coal merchant, we offer a full range of products suitable for use for everything from open fires through to stoves, cookers and gravity-fed boilers. No matter what type of appliance you have in your home, you can be confident to find the right fuel for your system.

As we mentioned above, our website is user-friendly, even for first-time buyers! Our products are filtered into appliances and to make sure you understand the product you are buying, we have provided a description of the product, typical characteristics and reviewed each product out of 5 based on heat output, fire life and ash content. Why not check out our products now on our home page. Just select the appliance you use for a tailored list of products.


What coal should I buy?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer when it comes to buying coal because different types of coal have different burning properties. However, here at, we have narrowed down our top five fuels for your stove or heating appliances:

  1. Homefire Smokeless fuel

  2. Phurnacite Smokeless fuel

  3. Anthracite Nuts (large aga nuts and small esse nuts)

  4. Burnglo Anthracite Smokeless fuel

  5. Glovoids- Ovals

If you would like to learn more about our top five fuels, you can read our blog “Top Five Fuels for your Heaters, Cookers and Boilers


What is your best selling smokeless fuel?

Here at, we offer our smokeless fuels for open fires and closed appliances- so it’s important to note that our best selling smokeless fuel might not be suited for your heating system.

Open Fire: Golite Smokeless Fuel
Golite smokeless fuel is one of our most popular smokeless fuel products that can be burned in smoke control areas. They are shaped into ovals that are easy to light and provide a good heat output and a long-lasting flame with fine residual ash.

Closed Appliance: Homefire Smokeless Coal
Our homefire smokeless coal is a premium grade manufactured smokeless ovoid that offers you the quality and experience of a traditional fire whilst being suitable for use in smoke control areas! It’s also ranked highest in all 3 tests: they provide good heat output, with a long burn time and little - low residual ash.


Do you have any offers on your products?

When you visit you’ll see we have an “Offers” section, where each month you will find a selection of coal and mixed pallets of products that are suitable for all appliances including those who are in smoke controlled zones!

At the minute, we have our fantastic Sale on now! We are offering our customers £30 off full pallets including some of our most popular products:

  • Homefire Smokeless Coal

  • Phurnacite Smokeless Fuel 25kg

  • Anthracite Grains Smokeless Fuel 25kg

We love offering our mixed pallets to our customers because it provides you with the opportunity to try something new and discover for yourself your favourite products from our range. Some of our most popular bundles include:

  • Five Star Doubles 25kg / Lignite Briquettes 10kg

  • Colombian Group 2 Coal 25kg/ Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs (Bag)

  • Five Star Coal/ Slack 25kg


How to get the most out of your fuel products:

Creating the perfect fire can be tricky, especially if this is your first time having to light a coal fire. To ensure you get the most out of our premium products, we have created an easy and simple guide for you to follow so you too can enjoy the warmth of a natural fire in your fireplace or stove:

  1. Open the primary air vent/control and the airwash controls. This is to ensure the fire will receive enough oxygen to get it going.

  2. Put some scrunched up paper or a firelighter on the grate. Add some dry kindling wood and light the firelighter or paper. This creates the perfect firebed in your stove and the kindling materials will help the fire last longer.

  3. Leave the door of the stove slightly open while the fire establishes, and the glass begins to warm up. By doing this, the likelihood of condensation building up on the inside of the glass is reduced.

  4. Add some larger pieces of wood when you notice the fire is going well. Make sure you don’t fill the chamber with logs as this can smother the fire.

  5. Once the logs have caught fire, you can close the door fully.

  6. Close the primary air control.

  7. Control the burn rate using the airwash when the stove is at operating temperature.

  8. You can continue to add small amounts of additional fuel to help maintain the fire.

For more information about how to light your stove, you can read our “Creating the Perfect Fire” guide, which will go in more depth of prep work, cleaning and even the positioning of your fuel.


Where do you deliver to? delivers to any postcode within the United Kingdom! Whether you live in Sundridge or Heathrow Villages and beyond, we will deliver our premium products right to your home!

If you have any queries about whether or not we will be able to deliver to your house, please read our Delivery Information page or contact us.


How will my order be delivered?

Your order will be delivered by a local member of the Palletways network and will be a kerbside delivery.

Your order will arrive on a pallet(s) using a tail lift vehicle about the size of a fire engine. The driver will lower your goods off the rear of the wagon, and use a pallet truck to deposit them as close to your property as possible.


Where can I buy fuel? is part of one of the biggest and leading coal and solid fuel importers in the United Kingdom. Coal and Solid Fuel is our business, and our mission is to supply you with top quality products straight to your door.

All of our products have been sourced, processed, tested and packaged by the best: therefore we can guarantee you, our customers, that whatever product you choose, you will be receiving the highest quality and value for money.