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Why Sales of Coal Briquettes and Heat Logs are Scorching

Why Sales of Coal Briquettes and Heat Logs are Scorching

Posted on 1 Nov 2018 By Coal Hut

Traditionally, we have jam-packed our open fires and multi-fuel stoves with hardwood as a fuel source. However, things are beginning to change. UK households are now showing preference to coal briquettes and heat logs. But, what is causing this sudden shift? In this post, we are going to take a look at each of the advantages that coal briquettes and heat logs have over traditional hardwood to try and explain this recent trend.

The first benefit of using coal briquettes and heat logs is that they are significantly easier to light than traditional hardwood. The reason? Moisture content. As a result of our temperamental-at-best weather, traditional UK hardwood can be made up of as much as 50% moisture content. In stark contrast, the moisture content of heat logs is around 10%, with only trace amounts in coal briquettes, leading to a quick and easy lighting process. Instead of burning through copious amounts of newspaper to set your hardwood alight, using coal briquettes or heat logs can be a great, hassle-free alternative.

Both coal briquettes and heat logs perform better in terms of heat output than traditional firewood. It has even been estimated that they produce 50% more heat per pound spent. What’s more, they have a better-sustained fire life. Just one briquette or heat log can last for up to 4 hours, a far cry from using regular wood. Many people will be familiar with the constant tending required from an open fire or multi-fuel stove when burning hardwood. Coal briquettes and heat logs, on the other hand, enable users to efficiently heat their home without much effort at all.

One for the environmentally-minded among us - coal briquettes and heat logs help to reduce material waste. Coal briquettes are made up of fragments gathered from coal mining, whereas heat logs are made from compressed wood chips and sawdust from waste materials. These manufacturing methods ensure that material wastage is minimised, leading to a more eco-friendly fuel source.

In these testing times, the cost of our fuel sources is a significant issue. Luckily, coal briquettes and heat logs are typically much cheaper in price than traditional hardwood. For example, our Lignite Coal Briquettes and Heat Logs are priced from as little as £4.28 and £4.13 per bag respectively.

In conclusion, coal briquettes and heat logs enable users to light their open fires or multi-fuel stoves in a quick and easy manner. Homeowners can enjoy a fire with a superior heat output and burn time than that of traditional hardwood - all for a cheaper price, too! Check out our Lignite Coal Briquettes and Heat Logs today and start saving money.

Don’t worry, traditionalists. Our Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs have been heated to below a 20% moisture content, meaning that they too can be lit with ease. Oh, and they won’t break the bank either - prices start from as little as £4.79 per bag.

If the products mentioned don’t fit your requirements, check out the rest of our extensive fuel product range at We have everything from bituminous coal, smokeless fuel and much more!