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Bag a Bargain this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Bag a Bargain this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Posted on 19 Nov 2018 By Coal Hut

There’s no better time to bag a bargain than the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Coal Hut are offering their customers the chance to enjoy some sizzling deals on a range of our amazing fuel products. In this post, we’re going to detail the ins and the outs of these Black Friday and Cyber Monday fuel deals. We’re turning up the heat on discounts for coal, smokeless fuel and more. Be sure not to miss out.

The term ‘Black Friday’ originated in the 1960s as a signal to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season. ‘Black’ refers to retailers moving from red to black, i.e. from loss to profit. As years have gone by, this annual event sees people flock to the high street and online for a chance to grab at the massive price reductions. Last year, more than 13 million transactions took place on Black Friday.

In recent times, online merchants have developed a craving for a piece of the traditionally brick-and-mortar Black Friday pie. This craving gave rise to the term ‘Cyber Monday’ due to the massive discounts applied to online products on the Monday following Black Friday. In 2017, Cyber Monday spending reached £2.6 billion, with as many as 81 million people shopping online.

Ok, history lesson over - let’s get into the good stuff. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Coal Hut are offering the following price reductions:

Pretty amazing, right? And what’s more, Coal Hut are giving our customers the chance to avail of these price reductions from Black Friday (November 23rd), all the way up until November 29th, 2018. A full week of saving money on high-quality fuels for open fires, multi-fuel stoves, heaters, cookers and boilers? Sounds good to us!

Prepare for the chilly winter ahead and bag a bargain this Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Coal Hut.