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The Best Way to Store Wood Pellets

The Best Way to Store Wood Pellets

Posted on 17 Jul 2019 By Coal Hut

A woodburning stove fire on a cold winters night, lighting up a BBQ on a bright, cloudless day, or even watching just flames slowly sway side to side… there is nothing quite like using energy-efficient wood pellets. However, to get the best from them, it’s vital that you store your wood pellets correctly. While this might seem obvious, when it comes to storing your wood pellets for maximum efficiency, some important steps for storage may have slipped your mind. That’s why Coal Hunt is bringing you this step by step guide on the best way to store your wood pellets. 

If you aren’t sure what we are talking about then you can check out our “Ultimate Guide to Wood Pellets and Their Uses” first to find out more!


Health and Safety

Before we get into how to store your wood pellets, it’s important that you take care of the safety of yourself and your family before proceeding. There are two things to consider when you are dealing with wood pellets; firstly, you must think through where is the perfect place to store your pellets so that the dust doesn’t become a problem. Not only can the dust be bothersome, but it can also be a fire hazard. Which leads us into handling the pellets. They must be handled with care as they are flammable. Never leave wood pellets lying loose in a pile next to a stove. Always, always, always keep your wood pellets in their packaging!  


How to Store your Wood Pellets:


  1. Find an area which will remain dry and will not be affected by flooding or mould 

  2. Place the wooden pallet which your wood pellets came on in the dry area

  3. Put cardboard over the pallet 

  4. Stack your wood pellet bags on the top

The wooden pallet is designed to hold a significant amount of weight; this allows you to stack your pellets. If you don’t have an area big enough for the wooden pallet, then a nice narrow space is also perfect. Simply stack on top of each other.


We would recommend if possible to always store your wood pellets inside, however, if that isn’t an option or you don't have a garage, the next best thing for your wood pellets would be in a shed or a sheltered raised and dry place. 

Once your wood arrives complete the following steps to ensure your wood pellets stay in their best condition:

  1. When the pellets arrive, carefully inspect the packaging of the product 

    1. Make sure to look out for any rips or tears in the packaging 

    2. If you come across any tears, repair them with waterproof tape or extra layers of plastic 

  2. Next, you will need to securely fasten tarp over the bags of wood pellets to protect them from water, birds or any other outdoor hazards that may puncture the plastic. 


Seasonal Storage

If you are keeping your wood pellets outdoors, ensure to complete the steps above and then complete the specific seasonal storage to ensure your fuel stays nice and dry outdoors. 


When getting your wood pellets delivered to your house, ensure they are nowhere near any direct water as this could result in the pellets returning to their original form (sawdust). Keep in mind any sprinklers, pools or possible flood-prone areas!


With the sun slowly fading away, the leaves falling down, and the nights are colder and darker, it’s time to get your fuel ready and get the stove on! When your fuel arrives, it will be packaged with a plastic shroud to protect the wood pellets from damage. To get stuck into your pellets you must;  

  1. Carefully remove the protective wrap and cut the shroud on the top edge of the skid

  2. This will allow you to slip the top bags out 

  3. Leave the shroud on as long as possible to protect the rest of the bags 

  4. Also over the bags with a tarp and place a weighted item on the top of the skid to ensure the tarp doesn’t move  


Not only are the nights colder but during the day, a nice lit fire with a cuppa is what you need to relax. However, you need to make sure your fuel is safe out there in the cold! Follow each step to ensure your pellets survive the cold winter nights. 

  1. Using a shovel, create a path to your fuel and shovel around the entire skid. 

  2. Continue to use a shroud and tarp to protect your wood pellets from the snow and ice.

  3. Keep checking on your pellets. 

These steps should help prevent keep snow off your pellets and reduce the water damage. 


Now that the cold nights are disappearing and the sun is starting to show itself again it’s time to clean out your leftovers. If you have any empty bags, find some space for them in your garage or keep them outside - just as long as they are safe from outside hazards! (mentioned above). 


With the UK’s unpredictable weather, we advise you to stock up on your fuel around this time of the year and not leave it to the last minute! Check out our wood pellets available here on our website with UK home delivery available within just 5 days.