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The Benefits of Heat Logs

The Benefits of Heat Logs

Posted on 29 Jul 2019 By Coal Hut

If you are tired of having to deal with drying out your own wood, or finding out that your pile of logs have got damp? Then it’s time to move on and switch to heat logs. They are the best renewable alternative to lighting up your stove. 

What are Heat Logs?

Heat logs are manufactured logs made up of raw material (such as sawdust from both hard and softwood) which is chopped down and compressed into a cylinder shape. 

The higher the compaction of the log= the higher the quality. 

Heat logs can also be broken into smaller pieces, making them ideal for smaller ovens. They are also suited well for ovens due to the fact that they leave very little flue to build up and ash compared to your standard log. This means it will help the efficiency of your oven because it isn’t getting as dirty as quickly. 

Why should I use Heat Logs?

Heat logs are a reliable source of heat energy, without the messy clean up that usually comes with normal logs. They are also guaranteed dry wood (if you keep them dry that is), meaning you won’t ever have to deal with damp wood again. Due to their driness, they are also easy to light, generate hot, bright and natural-looking flames which will heat up your room with no problems. 

Where Can I Buy Heat Logs?

At we offer either 63 or 126 bales for your heat log needs. These logs are ideal for open fires, all stoves, log burners, fire bits and chimineas! If you're in the UK get yours within 5 DAYS!!