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October Madness

October Madness

Posted on 15 Oct 2019 By Coal Hut

This October, have cut their prices!

Our October Madness offer includes £30 off a full pallet and £10 off ½ a pallet. Below is a sneak peek into our products included in this offer!


Five Star Coal Trebles

Five Star Coal is a quality coal that is favoured by traditionalists. It's ideal for use in both open fires and multi-fuel stoves, and has a long burn time and a low ash residual content. 

20 bags from £178.99

Save £10 £188.99 

40 Bags from £289.99

Save £30 £319.99


Lignite Briquettes 10kg

Lignite burns with a long flame and has greater heat and burn time than traditional logs. Alternating between our kiln dried logs and our lignite briquettes will significantly increase the longevity of your fire.

48 Bales from £211.99

Save £10 £221.99 

96 Bales from £354.99

Save £30 £384.99 


Traditional House Doubles

Traditional House Doubles is popular and cost-effective coal that burns with an attractive flickering flame. With a good heat output, long burn time and a fluffy residual ash content, this coal is a great all-rounder for this winter.

20 bags from £166.99

Save £10 £176.99 

40 bags from £219.99

Save £30 £249.99 


 Star Buys 

Colombian Group 2 Coal 25kg

Sourced exclusively from Colombian mines, this coal is considered by many as the premium house coal on the market.

Large pieces that light effortlessly and burn with a natural high flame, concentrated heat and to a low residual ash.

20 bags from £193.99

Save £10 £203.99

40 bags from £319.99

Save £30 £349.99


Glolite Smokeless Fuel 25kg

Glolite smokeless fuel is easy to light and provides sustained and controllable heat and burns to a fine residual ash, making clean up nice and easy!

20 bags from £228.99

Save £10 £238.99

40 bags from £315.99

Save £30 £349.99


October Madness

If you are interested in any of our deals and would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us >here<

If you don’t see your go-to coal or wood, don’t worry! Head over to our >website< where you can see the full listing of products included in the October Madness deal!

Make sure you stock up for winter while prices are low!